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Learn more about preparing for college, and particularly for the University of California.

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"There is definitely a college for everybody. There will be challenges, but there is always a way through if you keep your head up. And don't let anyone put you down."

- Gudalupe San Toyo

Academic and Support Services

College options in California

EAOP provides families with information about California Community Colleges, California State University (CSU), the University of California (UC) and private/independent colleges and universities.


Course selection

EAOP advisers help each student prepare an individual plan detailing the A-G classes to take — and when to take them — to prepare for UC and CSU.


Educator Conferences and Consulting

EAOP advisers explain UC admissions changes and provide educators with valuable assistance in updating A-G course lists and submitting A-G courses for review.


Rigorous subject matter and college entrance exams

Intensive workshops and summer programs help students improve academic skills so they perform better in their A-G classes.

College applications and personal statements

EAOP advisers and volunteers help students complete college applications and write effective personal statements.


Individual feedback and guidance

EAOP advisers can inform students about college options, show what it's like to be a college student through campus visits and summer programs, and help students envision themselves as a university student.


Managing college finances

Special workshops help students and families understand basic budgeting and financial planning for college. And when it's time, EAOP helsp families complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the California Dream Act application, and apply for grants and scholarships.