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"There is definitely a college for everybody. There will be challenges, but there is always a way through if you keep your head up. And don't let anyone put you down."

- Gudalupe San Toyo

Academic Advising

EAOP specializes in academic advising that helps students stay motivated and on track to complete the A-G course requirements required for UC and CSU eligibility.

Please note: specific EAOP services and programs vary by campus.


EAOP academic advising services include:

Individual Advising
EAOP advisers visit schools to provide individual academic advising and academic performance monitoring.

Individual Academic Planner
Every EAOP student completes and maintains an Individual Academic Planner that advisers use to monitor academic progress.

Group Workshops
EAOP conducts informational workshops on college preparation requirements, as well as specialized workshops to address study skills, time management and goal setting, help students maintain their focus on college, and achieve their best in school. The following is a sample of EAOP Group Workshops by grade level:

Middle School Freshman (9th) Sophomore (10th) Junior (11th) Senior (12th)
Overview of EAOP A-G Requirements PSAT Workshops Personal Insight Questions UC Application
Individual Academic Plan Individual Academic Plan Individual Academic Plan Update College Application Portfolio Development Letters of Recommendation
Making a Successful Transition to High School The UC System, CSU, CCC and Private Colleges Identifying Colleges SAT/ACT Preparation Choosing a College and a Major
College Options Note-Taking and Study Strategies Note-Taking and Study Strategies Financial Aid Completing the FAFSA
Taking the Right Courses in Middle / High School Careers Goal Setting Choosing a College Personal Insight Questions
What Grades Mean: Honors Courses Test-Taking Skills SAT and ACT Preparing the UC Application What to Expect in College