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“College was not a reality. Then EAOP showed up to help me."

- Francisco Castillo,
EAOP Alumnus and Senior Engineer, Biggs Cardosa Associates, San Francisco

Academic Enrichment

Through academic enrichment programs, EAOP students participate in supplemental learning opportunities that advance their mastery of academic subjects and engage them in the intellectual life of higher education. Students who excel in the most challenging high school courses are the best prepared for college.

Please note:  specific EAOP services and programs vary by campus.


Through EAOP, students can participate in:

  • University research opportunities
  • Summer courses
  • Intensive workshops
  • Concurrent enrollment (in partnership with local community colleges)
  • Tutoring
  • Master student academies
  • Saturday College
  • Summer residential academies
  • Classroom instruction

EAOP students may also take Advanced Placement and honors courses online through UC Scout.